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  • Chuck Bonner

Magnet Shoes for Metal Roofing!

While at the International Roofing Expo this year we found a great innovation that we had to try out. The Cougar Paw company which makes amazing slip resistant shoes for all types of surfaces had really outdone themselves with the awesome "Steel Walker" magnet shoe. Detail work can be extremely difficult to access once the roof panels are installed. Some roof areas are also difficult to set up walk boards and ladder jacks around certain architectural details. Not only does the "Steel Walker" make a safer work environment, decreasing in accidental slipping but it makes metal roofing easier.

This Standing Seam metal roof is in Swarthmore, PA. The material is Kynar painted, 24 gauge flat panel steel in "Burnish Slate"

Standing Seam Metal Roof in Swarthmore, PA 19081

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