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Solar Systems

Bonner Master Roofing: Pioneering the Fusion of Specialty Roofing and Solar Tile Systems!

For years, Bonner Master Roofing has been synonymous with excellence in specialty roofing systems, from timeless slate to robust metal. Our legacy of specialization has always set us apart, growing with the future of technology, we have proudly ushered in a groundbreaking evolution – CertainTeed Solar Roof Systems!

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Hello, I’m Bob, and I’m thrilled to guide you through the seamless integration of our specialty roofing expertise with cutting-edge Solar Roofing.


At Bonner Master Roofing, we’ve mastered the art of specialty roofing – from slate’s timeless elegance to the durability of metal. Now, imagine the perfect union of this craftsmanship with the power of solar energy.”

Bob Curatola - Solar Roofing Specialist


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Imagine your home...

fortified by our mastery in specialty roofing, now crowned with cutting-edge Solar Tile Systems.

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