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  • Chuck Bonner

Energy Efficient Metal

Metal Roof in Swarthmore, PA

When it comes to maintenance free roofing, Kynar painted standing seam metal is an obvious, excellent choice for 60 years of hassle free waterproofing. Other than being a solid wind proof and water proof titan, a metal roof can be an amazing heat reflector.

The customer originally contacted us due to leaks on the rear facet around their solar panels on their asphalt shingles roof in Swarthmore, PA. We came to find that raccoons were inhabited under the solar panels of the rear lower slope and were scratching through the roof to get warm in the house... pretty nasty! We discussed options with the customer and the obvious solution was raccoon proof metal! Being a researched and energy conscious homeowner, the customer went with full efficiency on their new metal roof. The color chosen, "Polar White" was not only for its clean looking aesthetics but for its thermal properties. Polar White, compared to darker colors, has an extremely high "Initial Solar Reflectance", "Thermal Emittance" and a "Solar Reflective Index". With the 2nd floor living spaces having the vaulted ceilings attached to the roof rafters, this was an extremely wise choice.

The solar panels were then reinstalled to the solar panels in the rear with non-penetrating brackets. The roofing panels were installed with extra fasteners to prevent uplift winds on the solar panel from pulling on the roof. With the solar panels reinstalled and an extremely heat reflective roof, this customer is truly saving money in comfort!

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