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Bonner Master Roofing - Located in

West Chester, PA


Bonner Master Roofing is a roofing contractor located in West Chester, PA providing complete roof replacement and repairs services for homeowners in West Chester and nearby areas. Our expert roofing craftsmen are trained and educated to handle any residential roof replacement job with the highest quality workmanship.  

Bonner Master Roofing has the experience and education in old world craftsmanship to handle the most steep and difficult roofs in Wester Chester, including all roof related carpentry.

As a company, we are devoted to education and recieve

ceaseless training in the newest roofing technologies on the market and can provide permanent repairs, restorations and replacements for the flat roofs and specialty roofs of downtown West Chester, PA.  When looking for true quality craftsmanship we are the go to roofers in West Chester, PA.


Services Provided in West Chester, PA

  • Roof Replacements in West Chester, PA

  • Roof Repairs in West Chester, PA

  • Slate, Tile, Shingle, Cedar Shake, Metal

  • All Types of Siding Installation & Repair

  • Copper, Half Round & "K" Gutters   

  • Flat Roof Repairs, Restorations, and Replacements

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Free Designs & Inspections

Embark on a journey of roofing excellence with Bonner Master Roofing, your local authority in West Chester, PA. Elevate your home with resilient shingle roof replacements and tailor-made metal roofing, featuring the grace of standing seam and personalized copper craftsmanship. Our mastery extends to preserving history, specializing in meticulous slate roofing restorations. Rely on us for top-tier materials and expert installations, ensuring your roof endures the passage of time.


Bonner Master Roofing stands as the premier roofing company in West Chester, PA. From shingle roof replacements to intricate metal roofing projects, our skilled team excels in various services. We guarantee the finest quality in our shingle roof replacements, employing top-notch materials and expert installations.


When it comes to metal roofing, Bonner Master Roofing takes pride in crafting elegant standing seam metal and bespoke copper work in West Chester, PA. Embrace the tradition of custom copper roofing, especially prevalent in the Historic District for pole gutters and integrated drainage systems.


In the realm of historical restorations, we excel in precise slate roof repairs using historically accurate matching. As West Chester’s slate roofing specialists, we restore slate roofs with careful consideration, matching slate to its historical quarry—from the Gray/Black PA slate belt to the Green and Purple Vermont slate belts. Trust Bonner Master Roofing for roofing that echoes the heritage of West Chester, PA.

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