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  • Chuck Bonner

How to Replace a Flat Roof Skylight

In this YouTube video we show step by step how we replace a flat roof skylight. The steps include: removal of the old unit, chopping excess roof cement off the skylight curb with an axe, heat welding new Modified Bitumen membrane to the existing roof and lapping up the skylight curb, installing the unit and sealing the patchwork into the existing roof.

Multiple steps combine to make seamless, watertight membrane welding without capillary infiltration. Without this redundancy and attention to the patchwork, the skylight unit can potentially leak worse than it did prior to the Skylight replacement. As you will see in the video, we also seal the top of the curb to prevent snow drift and drafty air infiltration. We also upgraded to an insulated skylight with a rust proof aluminum frame, full venting operation with a screen, and fully opening operation for roof access.

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