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Discover the pinnacle of roofing excellence with Bonner Master Roofing, your local specialist in Haddonfield, NJ. From clean and durable shingle roof replacements to bespoke metal roofing, including elegant standing seam and custom copper work, we deliver unparalleled quality. Our expertise extends to historical restorations, particularly in slate roofing. Trust us for the highest quality products and skilled installations, ensuring your roof stands the test of time.

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Bonner Master Roofing - Haddonfield NJ


41 S Haddon Ave. Haddonfield, NJ 08033




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Our Roofing Services in Haddonfield, NJ

Bonner Master Roofing is the premier roofing company in Haddonfield, NJ, serving the community with exceptional roofing services. Our team of expert roofers in Haddonfield, NJ, specializes in handling challenging and specialty roofs, including historical homes, traditional residences, and modern architectural structures. Whether you need roof replacements in Haddonfield, NJ, or decorative exterior products installed, we are your go-to roofing company.


At Bonner Master Roofing, we take pride in our outstanding customer service, ensuring that every project is completed to the highest standard. Our talented installers receive ongoing support and training, guaranteeing top-notch workmanship on every job. We prioritize clear communication throughout our projects, ensuring that our clients are informed and satisfied every step of the way. With our stellar reputation, Bonner Master Roofing is the trusted choice for all your roofing needs in Haddonfield, NJ.

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Embark on a roofing adventure with Bonner Master Roofing, your trusted local source in Haddonfield, NJ. Elevate your home with sturdy shingle roof replacements and custom metal roofing, showcasing the elegance of standing seam and personalized copper craftsmanship. Our proficiency extends to preserving history, specializing in precise slate roofing restorations. Rely on us for premium materials and skilled installations, ensuring your roof stands strong over time.


Bonner Master Roofing proudly stands as the premier roofing company in Haddonfield, NJ. From shingle roof replacements to intricate metal roofing projects, our adept team excels in various services. We guarantee top-notch quality in our shingle roof replacements, employing superior materials and expert installations.


When it comes to metal roofing, Bonner Master Roofing takes pride in fashioning graceful standing seam metal and tailor-made copper work in Haddonfield, NJ. Embrace the tradition of custom copper roofing, particularly notable in the Historic District for pole gutters and integrated drainage systems.


In the realm of historical restorations, we excel in meticulous slate roof repairs with historically accurate matching. As Haddonfield’s slate roofing specialists, we restore slate roofs thoughtfully, matching slate to its historical quarry—from the Gray/Black PA slate belt to the Green and Purple Vermont slate belts. Trust Haddonfield Roofing Masters for roofing that resonates with the rich heritage of Haddonfield, NJ.

Timeless Beauty

Bonner Master Roofing is your local specialist roofing company in Haddonfield, NJ. When it comes to roofers in Haddonfield, NJ, Bonner Master Roofing performs a wide variety of roofing services in Haddonfield, from clean and durable shingle roof replacements to metal roofing, slate and historical restorations. 


Bonner Master Roofing’s shingle roof replacements in Haddonfield, NJ alway have the highest quality products with the most trained and qualified installations.  


When it comes to metal, Bonner Master Roofing can fabricate any custom metal roofing in Haddonfield, NJ from elegant standing seam metal to custom copper work.


Custom and ornamental copper roofing in Haddonfield is traditional to the Historic District especially for pole gutters and built in drainage systems.  Contact us for an evaluation!

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Bonner Master Roofing - Haddonfield NJ

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